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Every teacher uses a range of teaching methodologies to ensure their pupils are engaged, having fun but most importantly, learning within your classroom.

Some teachers find that one teaching method does not always work with every class, so you must ensure to use a mixture of ways to help engage all learners. Pupils learn is a variety of ways, but to ensure that you help them ace your class, follow the tips given.

Variety is the spice of life – If you constantly read from a textbook, your students will get bored very quickly. There are hundreds of teaching styles out there, so use a variety to add a bit of difference to your lessons. Look at the learning styles of your pupils, do they prefer auditory, visual or kinaesthetic teaching methods? Which style do they learn more from? You will soon start to see which types the pupils prefer and learn from the most.

Teaching Strategies

Use a mixture of assessment for learning strategies –Assessment for learning tests the pupils during the lesson, enabling them to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding, and provides a great indication for the teacher whether information is being digested by the pupils. Providing learning intentions at the beginning of the lesson allows pupils to see what will be taught in the lesson, helping to structure their learning. Scaffolding questions enables you to ask simple questions, like how or what, to draw pupils in. To then develop pupils deeper understanding by bringing in questions such as Why?  Self-Assessment will allow pupils to grade their own work against a set of criteria given to them, allowing them to see where they can improve their grade. Peer Assessment allows them to see how another pupil in their class has completed their work, and gives them ideas to improve their own.

The pupil becomes the teacher – This is an extremely effective teaching method to use in your classroom. After teaching an idea or concept, ask the pupils to teach each other. If you do this for the last 5 minutes of each lesson, the students will become familiar with the routine and so, ask questions throughout the lesson, especially in areas where they struggle. It also gives them time to digest the information and make sense of it.

Use a pupil voice wall display – This is, simply, a wall displays where pupils can write their opinions, likes or dislikes and general reviews of teaching strategies. It can be anonymous if you choose or you could ask a student to write their thoughts on the wall at the end of the class, giving everybody an equal turn. This is great for teacher reviews and feedback, allowing you to see how your pupils learn.

There are thousands of teaching strategies to keep your pupils motivated, engaged and working well in your class. A variety is always the best way to help pupils remain engaged and focused in your lessons.

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